Our Mission:

HEL.I.E.V.’s mission is to promote electric mobility as a tool to protect our environment, improve the quality of our life and protect our health and overall wellbeing, especially in densely populated urban regions.

We believe that electromobility is the only way to reduce global energy consumption and maximize the utilization of renewable energy sources in the transportation sector.

Our History:

HEL.I.E.V. was founded in January 1991 by 36 founding members, mainly scientists and engineers, journalists and persons concerned with the protection of our environment. Full members may be persons, who believe that electric mobility is the only way to protect our environment from the catastrophic use of fossil fuels and the emission of CO2 and many other harmful pollutants.

Furthermore, corporate entities may become members of HEL.I.E.V. if they pursue a similar mission within a scientific, humanitarian or even commercial scope.

HEL.I.E.V. is a full member of AVERE (European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) and consequently also a member of WEVA (World Electric Vehicle Association). HEL.I.E.V. is recognized by F.I.A. as the official National Authority for the development and control of the motor sport activity for electric and alternative fuels vehicles in Greece.

Our Activities:

HEL.I.E.V. undertakes a number of activities to promote the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in Greece, with a main focus on the establishment of all relevant legislation and regulations, which should provide the necessary incentives to the public. HEL.I.E.V. is in close contact with government officials and the relevant authorities in order to provide them with all necessary information for the successful completion of this complex task.

Furthermore, HEL.I.E.V. continuously provides up-to-date information on all scientific and commercial development to the general public through its website, press activity and various events.

A historic highlight has been the organization of “Phaethon 2004”, a rally for solar power electric vehicles within the framework of the “Cultural Olympiad” with participants from Universities and Research Facilities from all over the world.

HEL.I.E.V. is participating in the following organizations:

  • Full member of the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (AVERE)
  • Member of the Worldwide Electric Vehicles Association (WEVA).

HEL.I.E.V. is recognized by FIA (Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile) as the national motorsports organizer for electric and alternative fuel vehicles. Therefore, a representative of HEL.I.E.V. is participating in the FIA ENECC (Electric and New Energy Championships Commission).



HEL.I.E.V. Board of Directors:

HEL.I.E.V. is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 members, which are elected every 3 years by the General Assembly of HEL.I.E.V.’s members. The President and the General Secretary are authorised to represent HEL.I.E.V.

The Members of the Board of Directors for the period 2016-2019 are:

President: Dr. George Ageridis

Vice President: Mr. Dimitris Dimitropoulos

General Secretary: Mr. Stefan Mittmann

Treasurer: Mr. Ioannis Foutsis

Members: Prof. Thanasis Karlis, Dr. Spiros Kiartzis, Dr. Pantelis Vogiatzis

Substitute Members: Mr. Kostas Kallipetis, Mr. Fotis Baklavaras

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